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Save Money by Switching to High-Efficiency Washers

Advances in technology have made old-style top-loading washers obsolete. The new high-efficiency machines save building owners thousands of dollars over the course of their lifetime. With electric, water and gas charges constantly escalating, building owners and managers should seriously consider switching to these high-efficiency machines.

For example, in a laundry room with two traditional washers that are each run four times per day, the cost of water, gas and electric averages $112 per month*. With the new high-efficiency models, that cost would be reduced to $38 per month—a savings of $74, or a 66% reduction in utility costs. In a bigger laundry room, the dollar savings are much greater.

In addition, these machines are more environmentally friendly, conserving water and electricity, while requiring much less soap and thus reducing pollutants.

Our trained service staff is happy to visit your property to do an on-site inspection and analysis, and show you how these new machines can improve your bottom line while providing a better, less expensive laundry experience for all the residents in the building. In many cases, we can install these new machines at no up-front cost to you, just one pre-set monthly fee that comes out of the laundry room revenue.

Contact SDi today for a free consultation. Call (800) 945-WASH or email our Vice President of Sales, Dan Donohue, at

*Based on the following utility cost estimates: water $7.62/ccf; gas $1.40/therm; electric $.19/kwh. These charges do not include basic monthly service and delivery charges or sales tax.