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The Results Are In! Hundreds Responded to Our Survey

Thank you to everyone who took a few moments to respond to our Customer Satisfaction Survey (you can take it too at! We go lots of great feedback and suggestions, and we are addressing every one of them individually. If you sent in your contact information, you’ll be hearing from us directly. If you reported a problem and provided your address, we’ve already stopped by or we will soon. If you preferred to submit anonymously we will take all your suggestions seriously.

Overall Survey Results:

• 71% of our respondents were satisfied with their laundry room.

• 74% were satisfied with the servicing of their equipment

• 79% were satisfied with the response time of service calls

• 88% were satisfied with their Customer Service experience.

Our goal is to satisfy ALL our customers, so we are constantly working on making our service and our products better. We want you to be happy with your laundry experience all the time.

If you haven’t done it yet, send us your feedback. Take our Customer Satisfaction Survey at Thank you!