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Ronald McDonald House Receives New Laundry Equipment from SDi/Coinmach

SDi/Coinmach has donated brand new laundry equipment and service to Ronald McDonald House (RMH) of the Greater Hudson Valley. This beautiful facility is located next door to Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, and provides lodging for families with critically ill or traumatically injured children. The house has a light-filled living room with fireplace and baby grand piano, a full service kitchen, children’s playroom, and homey suites designed and furnished by Starwood Hotels. In October, SDi delivered eight laundry machines for the building’s three laundry rooms, which they will service on an as-needed basis.

Ron Garfunkel, President of SDi Laundry Solutions, greets the SDi truck that delivered eight laundry machines donated to Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley. Photos by Vicki Chesler

“At SDi, we’ve had a long tradition of giving back to the communities we serve,” says company President Ron Garfunkel, whose father founded SDi in 1952. “We are a proud supporter of many worthwhile organizations that provide much-needed services throughout the New York tri-state area, including The Bridge, Make a Wish Foundation, ARC, and many others.”

Ronald McDonald House has a long history as well. The idea sprang from the combined efforts of Dr. Audrey Evans, a pediatric oncologist who saw families struggling daily to care for cancer-stricken children; Jimmy Murray, General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, whose team member Fred Hill had a daughter in treatment for leukemia; and McDonald’s, who agreed to provide funding to open the first house nearly 40 ago in Philadelphia. Since then, over 300 Ronald McDonald Houses have opened worldwide. The House in Valhalla was built by Westchester Medical Center two years ago.

Last Fall, SDi became a division of Coinmach, which was founded in 1947, and is the nation’s largest supplier of outsourced laundry services. The new partnership is not only one of shared resources, but also one that represents shared cultural beliefs.

“This is a great way to reinforce what we do,” says Coinmach CEO Bob Doyle. “We do a lot of community support, like sending money to flood victims after Hurricane Sandy, sponsoring fundraising walks and rides, driving our trucks around to deliver food donations at Christmas. It means a lot to our staff to know that the company is socially conscious.”

Ron Garfunkel and Bob Doyle joined SDi Vice President of Customer Support Services Bill Waters and Director of Client Relations Kamilah Ifill for a tour of the facility and an opportunity to meet the charming and dedicated staff, including Executive Director Marielena DiMatteo and Chairman of the Board Bryan Colley.

SDi President Ron Garfunkel, Ronald McDonald House Executive Director Marielena DiMatteo, SDi VP of Customer Support Services Bill Waters, RMH Office and Facility Manager Joanna Palace, and Coinmach CEO Bob Doyle at the RMH in Valhalla.

“Corporate and private donations cover the costs of housing families and operating the house,” says Marielena, pointing out two large walls in the entrance foyer displaying the names of dozens of donors. Each Ronald McDonald House is individually operated and self-funded through fundraising, grants and donations, and receives support from local McDonald’s restaurants as well.

The house has a spacious state-of-the-art kitchen and dining room, which are open to guests 24/7. There is even a stocked pantry filled with pasta, canned goods, dry goods, fruit and snacks, so that families can prepare their own meals at no cost using the wide variety of donated foods and beverages. Games and toys, and even massage therapy treatments, are donated regularly by individual and corporate members of the community.

“The laundry facilities are used exclusively by our guests, who often stay here for months at a time. Having new commercial laundry equipment in all our laundry rooms will be a huge benefit to our residents,” says Marielena. The entire staff expressed their great appreciation for all of the generous support they receive from their many sponsors and contributors.

Corporate and private donations fund the operation of the facility, and continue to provide toys, food, games and services to the families and children who stay here.

Advances in Laundry Room Technology Make Life Easier While Reducing Carbon Footprint

New technology, like real time washer and dryer availability and text notifications when your wash or dry cycle has finished, are making life easier for thousands of New Yorkers. Rather than being tied to the laundry room or constantly frustrated by finding all the machines in use, you can breeze through laundry day with a minimum of inconvenience.

Smart Cards Instead of Cash

SDi Laundry Solutions has long been on the cutting edge of systems that allow customers to use the Internet to do everything from pay for washing and drying through the use of Smart Cards, to creating cashless laundry rooms where no money ever changes hands. The effects are far-reaching. For one thing, since becoming 97% coin free, SDi has significantly reduced its carbon footprint, requiring fewer trucks on the roads collecting coins and cash. For another, clients no longer need to keep coins or small bills on hand in order to do the laundry. Instead, they can revalue their Smart Cards online using a credit card, and then just go to the laundry room, enter a PIN and add money directly to the Card. The money is then debited every time the card is used to run the machines.

Another big advantage is instant refunds that ensure that any problems you have using your Smart Card will be rectified immediately. Simply go online to, click on Service and fill out an online Instant Refund form. A credit will be instantly added to your Smart Card.

Service Requests Via Text or Web

In the area of Service, new technology has made it much easier to make a service request. By simply texting your address and the machine ID number to a special text phone number, your service request will be received instantly. You can even scan or photograph the machine’s barcode with your Smart Phone and send a photo text message to 914-396-2220 and your request will be processed immediately.

Technology also affects how service technicians are notified, dispatched and tracked. Everything can now be done using smart phones, so that technicians get the work done and report back both successes and problems with any repairs. Keeping track of laundry rooms that need repairs, what parts are needed, and whether the problem has been solved, can all be done in real time, with the aim of having a minimum of down time on the machines.

A Collaboration Brings New Benefits

Last Fall, SDi joined forces with Coinmach, the nation’s largest laundry room service provider. This is a great development for SDi and its valued customers. Joining Coinmach will enable us to benefit from the resources of a nationwide organization, as we continue to deliver the high-touch personal service SDi is known for. Coinmach shares our vision for improved customer service, and has invested heavily in improved service call quality and response times.

Bob Doyle, Coinmach’s CEO, said, “SDi is a highly respected company in our industry, with great leadership, smart technology, and a stellar reputation in the New York metropolitan area.” He added, “Coinmach will benefit from access to SDi’s proven technology and established reputation; SDi benefits from Coinmach’s customer depth and geographic reach. This union represents a tremendous opportunity for both organizations to improve customer experience throughout our collective client base.”

The newly formed partnership of the two long-standing companies—Coinmach was founded in 1947, and SDI in 1952—is not only one of shared resources, but also one that represents shared cultural beliefs. In recent years, under Doyle’s leadership, Coinmach has made dramatic customer service improvements, adopting what Doyle calls a “Customers for Life” mentality. Investments in talent, training and technology have paid off, resulting in much improved service call quality, and service response times. “In many ways, partnering with SDi aligns perfectly with the direction we were already headed from a service standpoint,” said Doyle. “As we integrate SDi’s high-touch service standards with ours, I’m confident we’ll deliver an even greater customer experience.”

SDi and Coinmach share a genuine enthusiasm for our industry and remain bullish about its future. Bob has proven himself in this business many times over. I’m delighted to work alongside him and his team, as together we will take laundry solutions to an entirely new level. For more information call 800-945-WASH, visit or email me directly at Thank you for being an SDi valued customer!

Web-based technology allows customers to revalue their Smart Cards online and run the laundry without using any cash. Learn more at

SDi Laundry Solutions: Better Than Ever

A lot has been happening since our new alliance with Coinmach last October. Joining Coinmach enables us to benefit from the resources of a nationwide organization, with the purchasing power and volume leverage that affords. We’ve had many changes in our organization, with some aspects of the business being merged with Coinmach’s systems. But after more than 60 years in business, there is no way I’m going to let SDi’s reputation for the finest service in the industry slip. We are committed to providing our customers with the same stellar personal service they have come to expect from SDi.

SDi continues to be a leader in Smart Card laundry systems, operating an almost purely coinless business, which allows us to stay “Green,” reducing our carbon footprint by keeping coin-collecting trucks off the roads. Our online Smart Card revalue system makes life easier for our customers, avoiding the hassles involved in needing to have the right cash on hand, struggling to get bills accepted into revalue machines, etc. Our instant Smart Card online refunds ensure that any problems you have using your card will be rectified immediately.

Bob Doyle, Coinmach’s CEO, shares our vision for improved customer service, and has invested heavily in improved service call quality and service response times. As Bob says, “In many ways, partnering with SDi aligns perfectly with the direction we were already headed from a service standpoint. As we integrate SDi’s high-touch service standards with ours, I’m confident we’ll deliver an even greater customer experience.”

We at SDi will continue to deliver the high standards of both service and equipment that our customers have always expected from us. We look forward to serving you into the future, and welcome your comments and suggestions about how we can make your laundry experience the best it can be. Please feel free to contact me directly at or call us at 800-945-WASH. Thank you!

Ron Garfunkel, President/CEO of SDi Laundry Solutions, with Kamilah Ifill, Director of Client Relations, at the Buildings/NY Show last year. They are committed to providing the best possible service in the industry.